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About Us

We understand each client is unique therefore we deliver the highest quality service tailored to your individual requirements. Our philosophy is centred around you, delivering only the utmost quality in packaging services.

Experience our customer focused approach by calling 01752 696330.

Packaging Products:

We have an extensive product range supplying:

  1. Adhesive Tapes
  2. Wrapping and Postage
  3. Pallet Wrap
  4. Bubble Wrap
  5. Boxes
  6. Polythene Bags (Standard/ Self-Seal)
  7. Strapping
  8.  Poly Chippings
  9. Edge Protectors


Bespoke Packing and Wrapping:
Packing SolutionsAt TEC Packaging we understand that your employees' time is valuable to your business. We provide a bespoke packing service to meet your individual requirements. We professionally pack and wrap your products leaving your staff free to do what they do best.


Delivery and Collection:

As part of our customer focused philosophy we deliver to you, on the time and place specified by you. Our friendly delivery drivers will continue to further our high quality service, ensuring you have an enjoyable experience with us.

We will also happily hold your product for you and keep it safe for you so you may collect it at a time that is comfortable for you.


Personalised Service:
With TEC Packaging we pride ourselves in doing everything we can for you. We work hard in giving you the highest quality service, a service that is best suited to you. That’s why we will personalise the service to meet your requirements.

TEC Packaging recognises and is responsible in maintaining the environment in which we live. We take our sustainable responsbility very seriously, understanding its importance on every level. We have strategies in place to ensure we are doing what we can to maintain our environment and remain sustainable.

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