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Bespoke Boxes: What you need to know

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Personalised packaging has seen a huge surge in popularity, with past COVID-19 lockdowns forcing customers to seek out the personal touch from online businesses rather than the high street. Thankfully while lockdowns appear to be a thing of the past, customised packaging is here to stay, with a survey from pollsters Ipsos revealing that 72% of customers are influenced by packaging design.

In today’s market, packaging is now often the first physical connection a consumer has with a brand or business, with this ‘connection’ having the power to influence future purchase decisions. The millions of unboxing videos on YouTube are a testament to the power of packaging, with the product itself only playing a small role in the purchasing experience.

For those businesses new to bespoke packaging, or for brands looking to introduce new elements to their packaging design, boxes are one of the most customisable solutions. As a blank canvas, don’t miss the opportunity to make your customer’s purchase as memorable as possible. To help, our team give their top tips, and ‘need to knows’ when it comes to bespoke boxes below.

Size matters: Every element of a box is customisable, and this includes its size. Size is one of the most important packaging elements, and should be based on the requirements of your product – for instance, is your product small enough to be posted through a letterbox? Does it require extra protection? Do you send large quantities of product on a regular basis?

Having the correct sized box also reduces excess material waste and is more cost-efficient, as well as being easier and more convenient to transport – reducing the likelihood of damage during transit.

Save the planet: Your packaging decisions have a direct impact on the planet, so make the choice to use sustainable, recyclable materials. Eco products are available for nearly every element of packaging, including tape and internal protection, so be sure to pass along the eco benefits to customers, who now expect to be able to reuse or recycle packaging wherever possible.

Design decisions: The sky is the limit when it comes to box design, with an endless number of options available to not only ensure your brand is visible, but to also improve the overall customer experience. Custom printing, special effects, personalised tape or even the inclusion of a die cut window are just some of the many design options available.

Open to all: Bespoke boxes are not just suitable for businesses with big budgets, with options available for everyone, from start-ups and retailers, to wholesalers. Small changes can make a big difference in the overall customer experience, with brand loyalty and business growth going hand in hand.

When it comes to bespoke boxes, it’s essential to work with industry experts, who can advise on all elements of design to suit your business objectives. Contact our team today!

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