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Christmas is Coming: Festive Packaging Prep Top Tips

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Despite the festive period being a few weeks away, now is the time most businesses begin preparing for what is set to be one of the busiest retail periods of the year. With the likes of Cyber Monday and Black Friday also soon to be upon us, preparation is key to ensure bumper sales, as well as standing out in what are already crowded online markets.

While often seen as a basic business requirement, packaging always plays an important role in not only ensuring products reach customers safely, but also in enhancing the purchase experience. Christmas is also always a good opportunity to be creative to ensure a brand is remembered for all the right reasons.

To help, the TEC Packaging team has provided their top tips for packaging prep success this Christmas.

Order Early: Nearly every industry has been plagued with material delivery delays and increased import costs, so it’s crucial you place your order now to guarantee your Christmas packaging is delivered well ahead of time. If you haven’t placed your order now, you should be considering doing it as soon as possible. Don’t leave your customers disappointed!

Packaging Prep: Work with trusted packaging suppliers to ensure your festive packaging supplies are prepped for business. This also means making projections to guarantee you have enough supplies to get you through the bumper shopping season. Size and security are both key considerations when ordering your packaging, so be sure to take extra protection measures – such as ‘eco bubble wrap’ – to help reduce waste and the likelihood of any damage occurring during transit.

Festive Fun: Now is also the time to begin finalising your festive packaging designs. Even small changes can make a big difference to the overall customer experience, making their purchase as memorable as possible. From adding sprinkles of red and green, to bespoke Christmas labels or cheerful ribbon, Christmas is an ideal time to get creative with your packaging. At TEC even paper mailing sacks can be customised with festive additions, such as logos or images.

Waste Not: Household waste can increase by 30% over the Christmas period, making it one of the most wasteful times of the year. Discarded packaging contributes to a lot of unnecessary waste over the festive season, so encourage customers to reuse and recycle packaging wherever possible. Use eco packaging products to ensure your customers find it easy to keep packaging products out of landfill.

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