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Lessons Learned: 2022 Packaging Review

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Now in the midst of festive season, Christmas provides businesses with an ideal opportunity to review and assess their packaging strategy. With consumers facing other external challenges, it has also never been more important for businesses to focus on improving the customer experience and customer retention, while making the process of packaging as efficient as possible.

Our team has taken a look back at the past year, outlining what lessons have been learned, as well as how changes in consumer behaviour are creating an opportunities for businesses to connect directly to their customers.

Eco reigns supreme: A survey by the Institute of Marketing revealed that 8 in 10 consumers want sustainable packaging when making a purchase, while 82% believe that some companies use too much.The past year has seen the demand for eco-packaging reach a peak, with customers now expecting to be able to reuse or recycle packaging in some way.

With sustainable solutions now available for nearly every element of packaging, from bubble wrap to boxes, businesses now have no excuse for ignoring call for eco options. Consumers are also more switched on when it comes to the world’s eco challenges, as well as having a greater understanding of the packaging journey, so businesses need to ensure their packaging evolves in response to what is fast becoming an expectation, rather than short-term trend.

Gifting with a difference: Gift boxes, and/or subscription boxes, are a prime opportunity to personalise the consumer experience, while also improving brand loyalty and the likelihood of repeat orders.In fact, the subscription market is set to be worth more than £1.8bn in the UK by 2025 and with so many options now available, it’s crucial that packaging is used for competitive advantage;

Subscription boxes are all about delivering the best experience, and packaging needs to reflect this – as well as being an experience in itself, alongside the products. Clever design, standout printing, sustainable materials and adequate product protection can all help in creating anticipation for customers, with packaging viewed as more than just a transportation method.

Connect with consumers: While packaging may be physical, the experience doesn’t have to be. The past year has seen a huge increase in the rise of digital connection tactics to help extend the customer journey with a business or brand.79% of consumers have already interacted with a brand via a QR code, with a further 51% expecting to do so in the next year (survey via SharpEnd).

The addition of QR codes – offering exclusive offers, competitions or games – transforms packaging into a digital touchpoint. Packaging is no longer an essential, but is instead a value-added tool with endless opportunities for engagement post-purchase.

Choose a Packaging Partner: Working with a trusted packaging partner will ensure your business is creating packaging which not only meets your brand’s needs, but also the demands of your customers.Your packaging provider should play a vital role in helping to future-proof your business, by offering solutions which work alongside your growth.

We offer a FREE assessment service to best understand the right packaging strategy for businesses, while also providing high quality packaging solutions from our extensive product range. If you would like to discuss your 2023 packaging strategy, get in touch with us today.

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