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The Personal Touch: Why Packaging should be an essential element of your marketing strategy

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Packaging is usually a missed opportunity for a brand’s marketing strategy, however is often the gateway directly into consumer’s homes. The moment the package lands on their doormat is also likely the first physical point of contact with a brand or business, so the experience should be memorable.

In fact, 70% of consumers form an impression of a brand based on packaging, while over 60% think that packaging is just as crucial as the brand itself. For some, the packaging is more recognisable than the product – think of the iconic glass Coca-Cola bottle, Toblerone or Heinz Ketchup to name a few.

The experience needs to be exciting, inviting and most importantly, reflect the brand or business identity. Packaging can also be used to communicate with customers about your values, as well as promoting your products or services. If you need even more evidence about the importance of packaging, there are plenty of people who have made careers out of unboxing products; sharing the experience with thousands of others.

There are lots of easy changes you can make to your packaging to help get your message across, including:

Custom Packaging Tape: A simple way to personalise packaging, custom tape can feature almost any design, from your brand logo to quirky imagery.With plenty of eco-friendly and recyclable options also available, this is one of the easiest personalised additions which can be made to your packaging, with no compromise on durability.

Bespoke Packaging: Draw inspiration from your product and tell your storythrough your packaging. Look at how you can differentiate your product through packaging, without changing its critical and practical purpose, while also giving customers a ‘feel good’ factor.

View your packaging as a blank canvas, which has the potential to filled with marketing messages, from logos and straplines, to product information and promotions. Almost every element of packaging can be customised, from tissue paper and boxes, to bags and ribbon.

Eco-Packaging: Customers now expect eco-packaging as standard, so ensure as many elements as possible can be re-used or recycled.Make it even clearer by communicating your commitment to the environment – tell customers what your packaging is made out of, as well as how to dispose of it correctly.

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