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The Power of Paper: Why the bio-based material is a top choice for businesses

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Almost every business, along with most UK households, is currently facing a period of significant change, with increased energy bills, material costs and a reduction in the value of the British Pound, resulting in a period of uncertainty and adaption. Affecting not just businesses, but also customers, suppliers and manufacturers, these market changes mean that the smallest of adaptions to operations can result in measurable cost savings.

While the UK Government is attempting to control the ever-changing situation – with the recent Budget containing some hope for the future – in the meantime, businesses need to ensure every aspect of their product and supply chain are working as efficiently as possible, without any negative impact to the end-user.

Packaging is a major consideration, with smart changes to materials having the potential to for significant savings, not just financially, but also environmentally. With paper alternatives to plastic now commonplace – from bubble wrap and wrapping, to postal envelopes and food containers – and along with a plethora of recyclable and environmental benefits, the material has continued to grow in popularity, both amongst businesses and consumers.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking paper is a simple material – it is also highly customisable, offering plenty of opportunities for bespoke additions. Helping to improve the customer experience, paper has the power to spread your brand messaging with every sale.

As well as often being a cheaper alternative to plastic in the long term, its versatility makes paper one of the most customisable packaging options. From the addition of logos, imagery or wording, paper is a blank canvas for your business messaging, and with an endless number of finishes available, you can put your best foot forward with the addition of personalised branding.

Scalable and adaptable, almost every type of paper packaging can be customised including, bags, envelopes, containers, tissue paper, cups, tubes and wrap. The options don’t just stop at printed branding either, with paper offering opportunities for bespoke additions such as rope handles to bags, double-sided printing, stickers, ribbon, cut-outs and tags.

Versatile in every sense of the word, the benefits of paper extend to the environment, with paper materials labelled with the FSC stamp coming from sustainably managed sources. As a bio-based material it is also easy to recycle and re-use – a fact modern customers are likely to know already, preventing confusion and reducing waste.

If you would like to talk about paper packaging options for your business, get in touch with the TEC Packaging team today.

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