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Thinking outside the box: how to combat packaging shortages

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

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The packaging industry is just one of the many business sectors currently experiencing severe material delays and shortages. An unwelcome outcome of both Brexit and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, just some of the products affected include, cardboard, tape, plastics and even some types of paper materials.

With normal levels not expected to return in the near future, countless businesses and customers are being affected by the continued shortages. For some businesses, this has resulted in longer lead and delivery times, as well as disappointed customers and a disrupted supply chain.

As an industry-wide issue, our team has been extremely busy ensuring our customers still receive their products without disruption, however in some cases, and due to reasons out of our control, there may be a delay in receiving your order. We are doing everything in our power to ensure TEC Packaging customers do not suffer from any disruptions, however in some cases, this is unavoidable.

To avoid any delays, we would like to remind everyone to place their orders as soon as possible – which includes making orders for the festive period. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused, as well as thanking all of our customers for their understanding!


Following the pandemic, and the boom of online shopping, research has revealed that there are likely over 135m+ cardboard boxes being hoarded in homes and businesses across the country. With the industry also facing a severe shortage of cardboard, customers have the opportunity to give their boxes a new lease of life by recycling old cardboard products.

By ensuring old packaging makes its way back into the recycling product cycle, we can all do our part in helping to not only reduce waste, but also combatting continued product shortages and business delays.

A New Approach

With shortages expected to continue, some of our customers are choosing to implement a new approach for their packaging, while also using it as an opportunity to introduce more eco-friendly packaging solutions into their business. Choosing recycled or recyclable materials, which are more readily available than plastic alternatives, has multiple benefits, from reducing your carbon footprint, to ensuring your business is playing its part in saving out planet.

Want to try a new, sustainable packaging product, but not sure where to start? Contact our team today to discuss your requirements in more detail!

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