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'Tis the Season of Packaging: Top Festive Tips

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Christmas is the most anticipated time in the retail calendar, with UK total sales expected to reach a staggering £85 billion. From gifts for loved ones, to bolstering festive business stock, the packaging industry is set go into overdrive as it gears up to support an increase in orders across almost every sector.

However, as well as being a season of sales, it can be difficult to stand out when the competition is at an all-time high. With this in mind, our team has given their top tips for upping your packaging game this Christmas, ensuring your business is remembered for all the right reasons.

Be Proactive: The Covid-19 pandemic has had a severe effect on almost every industry, with material shortages, product delays and price increases disrupting supply chains. With this in mind, ensure your Christmas packaging is not a last-minute thought, but a strategic, planned activity. Design, plan and place your packaging orders as soon as possible to ensure your business, and customers, aren’t affected.

Shop Sustainably: Encourage your customers to shop guilt free by using and promoting your use of eco-friendly packaging. With 83% of shoppers agreeing that they are more likely to choose products with less and/or recyclable packaging, the use of sustainable materials will go a long way in not only limiting your business impact on the planet, but also in building long lasting relationships with customers.

Festive Features: Christmas is the perfect opportunity to add some festive features to your packaging, from a custom Christmas logo or labels, to the addition of colourful ribbon or seasonal stickers, there are plenty of opportunities ensure your package stands out from the crowd.

Personal Touch: Customers, both commercial and domestic, appreciate a personal touch, and none more so during the Christmas period. Ensure they feel valued and help to build long-lasting relationships by adding a personalised message, whether it’s in the form of a greeting card, label or simple thank you message. These small touches will not only encourage future orders, but help build an army of loyal customers.

Season of Engagement: Use your packaging as an opportunity to engage with customers, whether it’s tying it in with a Christmas social media campaign, hashtag or encouraging buyers to share pics of their seasonal packaging designs.Organic engagement is priceless, so use your packaging as an additional asset to grab and maintain attention.

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