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Privacy Policy

Customer Data Privacy Notice at TEC Packaging Services Ltd.


Due to the new General Data Protection Regulations, we have a duty to inform you, as a customer, the data we hold about your company, who controls it and how it is used.

All data that TEC Packaging collects from its customers is required for trading operations, to enable it to run effectively and fluently.  Right from the order being received to the delivery of goods.

The data TEC Packaging holds consists of:

1/. The Company name

2/. Company registration number

3/. Company VAT number

4/. Company invoice address

5/. Company delivery address

6/. Credit terms and limit

7/. Personal contact name and position

8/. Delivery/order history

9/. Invoices outstanding and settled


TEC Packaging Services Ltd, ensures this information is used only for its intended purpose.  Once the information has been collected it will be processed by trained processers and secured into the TEC Packaging management system.

All customer data is secure and only accessible to users who require it for processing orders.

TEC Packaging will not release any data to any third party unless required to do so for delivery purposes where a courier   would need to have access to your company s name and address via a delivery note.  No other data will be forwarded to a third party without your written consent or instruction.


TEC Packaging values your privacy rights and we will ensure it is processed, stored and used within the scope of our GDPR policy of which, on request, you are entitled to receive a copy.

Please contact if you have any concerns with the data that we hold for your company.


Dave Hardy

Managing Director

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